Institut für HIV Forschung


Virchowstr. 171
D-45147 Essen

In the Institutsgruppe 1 (Bauteil B/D) 2. OG (2nd floor)


T: 0201/723-4225
F: 0201/723-5543



By Car

The Institute for HIV Research is located at the Institutsgruppe 1 building at the corner of  Virchowstraße and Külshammerweg

Drive to the Lehr- und Lernzentrum and about 200m (500ft) past that you will find Parkhaus P2 on the left side of the street, located under a bridge.


Using Public Transportation

From the main train station (Essen Hauptbahnhof), you can do one of the following:

Take the U17 U-Bahn in the direction of Margarethenhöhe to the Universitätsklinikum. Get off the U-Bahn at the “Holsterhauser Platz” stop.

Use the Street Tram (Straßenbahnlinie) 101 or 106. 

You can also use the 160 or 161 Bus line. The buses pick up just outside of the train station entrance. Get off at the Klinikum stop.

Near the entrance of the train station (by the Lidl grocery store) is a Taxi stand. Tell the taxi driver Klinikum and they will know where to go.

If you are travelling from the Düsseldorf international airport then you can take either the S1 or RE1 train to the Essen Hauptbahnhof and from there use one of the options listed above.