Study Description:

This study will help to better understand the natural progression of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in the first few months. To achieve this goal, we will monitor both the virus and the various aspects of the immune system of each participant, more specifically the HIV symptoms, the CD4+ cell count and the HIV viral load. The focus is on the changes that occur in the first few weeks of HIV infection and the impact of HIV therapy on such changes. We also want to better understand the influence of the individual physical characteristics of a person on the progression of HIV infection. Therefore, participants are asked to submit blood and urine samples during study visits. Participants are also asked to fill out sexual questionnaires as we want to better understand how HIV infection occurs. This is important to be able to develop new, tailor-made HIV prevention methods in the future. For this study, we will also recruit HIV-negative individuals who are at risk of HIV infection due to their sexual behavior. As part of this study, we will educate participants about the different methods of HIV prevention and test them for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis and gonorrhea for example) every three months free of charge. However, participation in this study will not protect you from HIV infection!

The participants will be examined and observed at the HPSTD clinic in Essen or at the Jessen² + Kollegen Practice in Berlin. Some participants may also be eligible to participate in other studies that seek to identify new ways to treat HIV infection that may help to stem the virus in the body without requiring the patient to use medication throughout their lives.



Study Location

Praxis Jessen2 + Kollegen
Motzstr. 19
10777 Berlin
Tel: 030 23510742