Bianca Schulte

Bianca Schulte is a postdoc at the Institute for HIV Research. She studied Biology at RWTH Aachen University, majoring in Immunology and Biotechnology, and completing a master thesis on the evaluation of single chain antibody fragments against pancreatic cancer at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology in Aachen. Subsequently, she did her PhD thesis at the Institute for Immunology of Heidelberg University focusing on the effects of the redox microenvironment on the activity of human peripheral T cells. Afterwards she decided to pursue her interest in host-pathogen interactions by joining Felipe Diaz-Griffero’s lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine to study the HIV restriction factors MxB and Serinc5. She then returned to Germany and to Immunology by joining Hendrik Streeck’s lab in Essen.