Carolin Wevers

Carolin Wevers was a Master Student at the Institute for HIV Research at the University Hospital Essen. Her thesis is titled „Impact of immune activation on cardiovascular disease risk in chronically human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals.“ 

She completed her education as a Biological Technical Assistant (BTA) in 2008 at the Lessing Berufskolleg in Düsseldorf. Between 2009 until 2015 she worked at the Institute of Microbiology at the University Hospital Essen within the Department of Molecular Infection Immunology led by Prof. Dr. Wiebke Hansen. Since September 2013 she has been studying part-time Molecular Life Sciences at the Institute of Applied Sciences at HAN University in the Netherlands. She started her Master’s Thesis in December 2015 with a focus on cardiovascular diseases in HIV infection.